The Mathematics of Acting: A Workbook




In order for actors to perform with conviction, they must be fully empathetic with the character. The problem is that when developing a connection, the process can be too subjective to grasp. To objectively create an emotional connection between the actor and scene partner(s), an audience, and moreover, the self, theories of specific branches of mathematics (calculus, physics, thermodynamics, and aerodynamics) as well as designing printed circuit boards (PCBs) for electronics can be applied to the body, voice, face, and mind.In “The Mathematics of Acting: The Workbook”, author Dréa Lewis explores the process for actors to bridge the scientific and artistic worlds together. A step-by-step guide to warming up the body and voice in preparation for a performance is included. Additionally, learning activities, puzzles, brain games, pictures, and bonus letters of recommendation from Tom Hanks and Mike Nichols are enclosed in this workbook.


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